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Enertech international, Inc Will provide you with Power for your Life

EnerTech has inimitable skills in Lithium ion battery production. The more than 25 years experience makes Company the one of world leader in starter Energy Storage System solution for different applications. Our products can offer outstanding brake energy recuperation and incomparable cycle life. EnerTech has own Research and Development center which working continuously to improve chemistry.
Within the 25 years EnerTech never stop the development and improvement of NCM technology, which was chosen as most successful for any application. For capacity and power Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide chemistry showing better result and most competitive price. And our company have deep knowledge and own know how. We have best materials supplier and continuously working with new materials to meet the lowest price performance and best quality on Battery market. Our product selection and solutions portfolio continuously growing. We are here to make life more convenient.

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EnerTech Inc. continuously growing. EnerTech always looking for spirited professionals who want to grow with new challenges. If you are willing to join us

Our projects


EnerTech successfully finalized projects with Koreans, Europeans, Canadian companies. We have huge worldwide working experience with EV/PHEV vehicles, Storage systems, UPS, Military and Medical projects

Own production

Own production.

EnerTech is the company of full cycle production, starting from Research till Finish Goods. We have own cell production base, own patented know how. But we are flexible for customer’s needs.

Our team

EnerTech Inc. is proud with our team and each team member. Our employee have best qualification, deep knowledge and inspiration to make world better and cleaner with our

The company

Something about us

EnerTech, which was previously part of Saechan Group in Korea, has more than 25 years of experience in coating and pressing active materials. Beginning point for Enertech was producing magnetic videotape and re-writable compact disks into its current experience coating electrodes for lithium-ion batteries. The company has a strong background in materials handling and automated production techniques as well as a quality- focused approach.
That’s why in 2001 year SONY, who released the first commercial lithium-ion battery in 1991 year, choose EnerTech as main Korean partner to transfer Li Ion technology to South Korea.
EnerTech choose NCM technology as most perspective compeer Lithium Cobalt Oxide and Lithium Manganese Oxide materials. This chose was done based on comparative analysis of technical engineering. EnerTech Inc. has experience in each material solution. To set NCM materials as main for product was supported by discernment and knowledge of EnerTech engineering team. Today EnerTech the one on leader on Energy Storage market. Company know-how improvement uninterrupted during past 25 years, We are investing in new technology, processes design and automation, materials development to suggest better price and find solution for any application

Our philosophy

Аt EnerTech Inc., we truly believe that safety, innovations and quality are the сornerstones of Battery business.
Philosophy of our company very simple – investing in Research and Development, talented team and customized solutions for custоmers needs. In Genentech Inc. we are plaсe confidence in partnering with our customers to create an incredible marketing achievement. Our соmpany focuses on future and new technologies. We are learning continuously, share experience and best practices with Industrial leaders. Our main goal tо bring Pоwer and Green Energy tо оur life